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Gulf Services is your partner in every phase of infrastructure construction.

From the planning stage to breaking ground. From procurement to testing and inspection. When disaster strikes or you’re simply maintaining years after installation.

We offer turnkey, end-to-end construction services for the telecommunications and utility industries.

Site Development

Before anything happens below or above ground, setting the stage for construction is critical to a project’s success. Gulf Services transforms raw land into well-planned, functional sites for infrastructure development. Our work includes:

  • Site design
  • Land clearing
  • Civil construction
  • Grounding and electrical


Accurate data and detail about your infrastructure is critical to its longevity and maintenance. Our skilled team provides mapping, measurements, and surveys for towers, structures, and utility lines overhead and underground.

  • Measurements
  • Site documentation
  • Structural surveys


When existing structures need new or additional features, call on Gulf Services. We work with customers to enhance and upgrade infrastructure by installing additional equipment and technology to add functionality to their networks. Our experience includes installation of:

  • Transmission lines
  • Antennas
  • Microwave equipment
  • Land mobile radio (LMR) equipment


No matter what is built upon it, foundations are one of our core offerings at Gulf Services. Specialized equipment and a vast understanding of various soil types gives us the flexibility to apply our expertise to a wide array of projects:

  • Drilled shaft
  • Micropile foundations
  • Driven piles
  • Pier & pads
  • Anchor blocks
  • Equipment shelters

Tower Construction

Whether electric utility or telecommunications, towers are our specialty. Our approach to reliability, performance, quality, and safety set new heights for the growth and stability of critical infrastructure networks. Our tower construction work includes:

  • Lattice towers
  • Guy towers
  • Monopole towers
  • Pyramax tower construction
  • Structural upgrades


Supplying power to communities requires solid infrastructure to support it. Gulf Services builds substations to support the transfer of power from transmission to distribution systems, including:

  • Site development
  • Foundations
  • Grounding
  • Trenching
  • Conduit installation


Reliability is critical and maintenance is essential. That’s why we’re here for the long game, offering maintenance and repair for towers and foundations of all types. This maintenance often includes:

  • Added tower bracing
  • Vegetation maintenance
  • Bolt replacement
  • Additional drilling for supplemental support

Disaster Response

Getting communities back on their feet after a storm requires clearing away the damage that’s been done. Our nimble team and specialized equipment enable to us to act fast to remove debris and clear the damaged areas. Then, repairs to towers and other infrastructure help to bring everything back online so rebuilding can commence and communities can return to normal as soon as possible.

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